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Writing Index Page

This is a series of edits on a story that I spent a fair bit of time on.

  1. Wave Story
  2. Storm Rewrite 2
  3. Storm Rewrite 3
Another story or too...
  1. Laundry Fun to see an experience from two perspectives.
  2. Pine Marten Experimenting with putting accent into the language of a character. You judge if I managed it.

I have been known to sit down and rant...

  1. Failure of Public Participation Processes While I have been involved in many kind of processes as member and leader I see some massive problems.
  2. What motivates me to write? This file is saved as "Book Introduction" and in some sense it is what brought me to this great adventure of writing. I simply wanted to write a book on the provincial park, to provide some insight into the great tract of land that it is. I wanted to inspire people with its beauty and its ecology. Maybe someday in the future it will get there. The poetry that it begins with is mine.

Sometimes I just keep track of what is going on. Usually it is a trip of some sort or another. Sometimes it is a bit of family history.

  1. 1998 trip through the Rockies to Prince George and back through Calgary This was a daily journal of a family trip.
  2. Father's Family History  I went home on Thanksgiving weekend a few years ago with the intention of getting a wee bit of the family history.  I may write about the reasons some time but for now let me say I am glad that I did it.
  3. Hike Thoughts from May 2000 Wandering along the Nut Point Hiking Trail with a bunch of Scouts, parents and a wildlife biologist. My reflections on the wild life and forest along the way.

I have written a few newspaper columns for the Northerner newspaper based in La Ronge.  The column ran every two weeks over the course of eight weeks. It was called "Make More Money."

  1. Branding
  2. Why this column
  3. Pricing
  4. Coaching

Once in a while I write sermons...

  1. What do we do about lonely people?
  2. Why do people go to church?
  3. Celebrated Cross
And sometimes I think other people have pretty good ideas and I want to ponder them or put them in a place where other people can ponder them. I haven't been able to find a source for some of these. I am pretty naive about copy right. So some of this is attributed where I can find a source. If I have offended you please contact me and I will remove or change what I have here.
  1. Letting Go A pretty good description of the challenges of moving forward.
  2. Bad Day on the High Seas (OK not so high) Make sure you have Kleenex on hand. This tale never fails to bring tears to my eyes.
  3. Poems about Poetry Some poets that I think have a knack for capturing parts of the poetic experience. (If you are curious about my poetry slip over here.