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Make More Money - Why this column?

People do read the newspaper. I had someone ask why the local newspaper should have a column on making money. Good question.

Many people forget that business should make money. We have lots of valuable community services for charity. Job one for business is to make money.  Sometimes businesses get lost dealing with advertising, customer complaints, employees quitting, broken plumbing, and whatever else comes up in doing business. 

Keeping the priority on making money makes other matters fall into line.  Dealing with urgent matters is always easy. Pressing deadlines push us into action. Taking the time to do the things that will make money though may not mean the urgent.  Many managers find themselves dealing with the same issues over and over. Taking a step back and asking why this is recurring or who else in the business could take care of it are what makes a clerk into a manager.  Avoid trivia.

Making sure the cash balances at the end of the day does not mean doing it. It does mean checking to see that the job is done.

Focus on making more money. Make it a priority, and the business will be successful.