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Make More Money - Coaching

Coaching people to be great employees is a lot of fun. A good supervisor keeps three things in mind when they are coaching new employees. To be like a coach, know what needs to be done. Then be patient and instill trust. Finally monitor their progress.

Armchair quarterbacks are famous for telling everybody what to do. An armchair quarterback would usually be lost if you put him on the field with the ball in his hands. A good coach in the workplace  needs to know the work to be done. 

If you need patience, try to remember what you were like the first time you tried to do the job. I remember playing football for the first time. I could not make that ball spiral for anything. Same thing is true in the workplace. Be patient. Trust is a hard thing but you are the only one that can give it.  Trust is the best encouragement that you can give a new employee.

If you do not watch them and let a new employee know how they are doing, they will wonder.  Soon they will not be doing anything for fear that it might be wrong.  Monitor their progress and give them feedback.

These three tips will move a new employee to productivity quickly and they will be making more money for you.