These notes were sent to me by Ian Jarvis in June of 2002 in response to my questions about the pictures that I had posted on the web.

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> Hi
> As befits someone who plays with this technology for a living I have a
> website. The reason for telling you this is really quite selfish.
> There are a number of photos on the site that I scanned in from snaps
> that Sandra had. I have included the writing that was on the back of
> them in the table but am incredibly curious as to whether you can shed
> more light on some of them. Feel free to poke around. There is other
> stuff there too.
> will get you there. If you follow the family links
> and the Jarvis page you will find the mother lode. I have a few more
> photos that I want to put up.
> Feel free to point the site out to other family members that might
> find it interesting.

Note 1

Thanks very much for the email and the web site.

What more do you what to know about the Jarvis family ?

Some brief notes:-
William Jarvis was an only son who lived at home at Northgate House in Tickhill, South Yorkshire. His mother Eliza was a widow. William was a Gentleman - that is he lived off his investments and did not work.

He fell in love with a farmers daughter, Mary Potter, and they were going to have a child so they married. She was a twin and a good painter - I have one of her pictures in my office.

She moved into Northgate House. But life with Eliza was difficult. Then William killed himself trying to jump the level crossing gates on his orse - should have tried before he had a drink !

The baby ,John, or Jack as he was always called, had a pony and later a trap.

When Eliza died , Jacks education was paid for but funds were grew shorter. Originally educated locally, Jack later whet to board at Repton School.

The family had always been Church of England but when a visiting Brethren Evangelist came to town, mother and son were converted.

The Evangelist was George Ainsworth, who Mary Jarvis subsequently married. He was the son of a couple of music hall artists who were themselves converted. He had a big marquee and held meetings all over the country - especially South Wales.

The family moved to Harrogate. Where Mary's brother and sister lived, having sold the farm.

Jack joined the National Provincial Bank in 1916. After military service from 1919 -1921 in the occupying army in Germany, he returned to the bank and was sent to Head Office in London in 1926.

He did very well in the Bank reaching Deputy Chief Accountant.

In 1928 he married Margaret Hunter - my Mother, your Grand Mother but that is a whole different story.

Hope you find it interesting - Any questions ?

All the best Ian

Note 2


I was a little too young to remember where the photos were taken but I think Perranporth in Cornwall is most likely for the beach pictures but it could be Minehead in Devon.The other is likely to be on a visit to Harrogate - we don't have stonewalls in the south.

I did visit Northgate House but not until my father had been dead for some years. Jill and I went with two of fathers cousins, who had lived at the farm where his mother came from. Her brother had twelve children - six by each of two wives. Grandma's twin sister, Francis, never married but looked after first six when their mother died. Ask your father about the 'girls' at Harrogate.

Dinah and Beryl came with us. We knocked on the door to ask if we could take photos and were shown round. photo A number of Jarvises are buried in Tickhill churchyard including a Martha Anne Jarvis, who mark knew nothing about when he called his second daughter Martha Anne !

More about Margaret Conseulo Jarvis [nee Hunter] in my next.