Jarvis Family
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These photos were scanned from a packet of Genealogy materials that M. Ann Pratt had. I present them here in the hope that others can shed light on some of the enigmas that they present. I have copied the on the back of the photos into the boxes on the left. If anybody has comments on a particular picture, I can attach them easily as clickable links to the page.

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Mr Wm Jarvis
Mrs M E "
John Wm


Know the Chap?
George Ainsworth
2nd Husband of M E Jarvis
nee Potter

  Mrs Jarvis & John Wm.
  Mrs. M E Jarvis
  Ann & Ian
  Ann Jarvis
  Ann & Ian Jarvis

Northgate House?

  J W Jarvis

Mr & Mrs G Ainsworth
& John Wm Jarvis

  J. W. J.
  John Wm Jarvis

J W Jarvis

In faint pencil

You will see this expression really was natural while those t-- had to be taken outside twice to prevent fainting tried to put on a laugh but--- teary eyes, didn't expect they would come out so well under the circumstances